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Kate Hobbs


United States Naval Academy

Kate Hobbs


Economics major who to date has a 3.23 cumulative GPA at Navy. She is a two-time member of the USNA Dean’s List and has been named to the Commandant’s List for four semesters. As with all impending graduates of the Naval Academy, Kate will be commissioned as an officer upon graduating from the school this coming May. She will become an Ensign in the U.S. Navy. For her service selection, she has selected Navy aviation, which means she will train to become a pilot. However, her real passion is to become a doctor, which she plans on pursuing once her aviation commitment is fulfilled.


Kate was selected as the captain of the Navy women’s basketball team, and both the selection process and duties of a captain at the Naval Academy are a little different than they are at most schools. You have to be…(1) a senior, (2)have earned a varsity letter, (3)have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA during the semester of voting,(4)meet a set of minimum standards in both conduct and military performance. A team captain at Navy receives an additional “stripe” from the other midshipmen at the school, so she is one of the higher-ranking students at Navy. There are additional duties associated with being a captain and having a higher rank with the Brigade of Midshipmen, as well.


Kate has been a volunteer at hospitals throughout her life, was one of the coordinators (which included an Annapolis city alderman) for a Sept. 2006 series of youth outreach programs which brought local “at-risk” kids to the Naval Academy for a day of sports (to teach teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship), lectures, math & science lab demonstrations and a pizza party.


Kate was named to the Patriot League All-Freshman Team for the 2003-04 season. In team awards presented by the Navy coaching staff.