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Pat Grimm


Yale University



Grimm is a history major at Yale while also fulfilling the school’s pre-medical requirements. He has a GPA of 3.43 and with graduate in May of 2008. When he finishes school he would like to work as an Orthopedic Surgeon.


Pat Grimm is trustworthy, genuine, loyal, hardworking, considerate, focused and modest. He was elected captain of the team this year and he leads by example. He has the challenge of balancing the history major, pre-medical requirements, and lacrosse commitments. “Even then I consider it a privilege to play Division I sports at an institution like Yale. The vast majority of people never have this opportunity. Beyond that I’ve been very lucky to have a happy, healthy, and supportive family and a great group of friends,” said Grimm. “It is always my priority to be a great teammate. Team chemistry can often dictate the success or failure of a season. I’ve enjoyed welcoming new players into the fold and I always try to be cognizant of team dynamics and work to be a positive influence wherever I can.”


For the last year, Pat has spent time volunteering with the REMEDY organization. REMEDY stands for Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World and is an organization dedicated to actively promoting the recovery of unused medical supplies for the purpose of global aid, waste reduction, and cost-effectiveness. Volunteers on a weekly basis sorting recovered surgical supplies in preparation for shipment to hospitals in the developing world. Grimmspent time volunteering at the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD during the summer of 2005. He spent time in the in Emergency Department where his tasks included assisting with patient check-in and transport, leading visitors to the correct room, cleaning rooms, and attending to the general welfare of patients. During the summer of 2007 Grimm studied abroad at the Duke Engineering World Health Summer Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica and El Progreso, Honduras. He spent time studying Spanish in San Jose while also learning how to troubleshoot common malfunctions with medical equipment. He worked in a hospital in El Progreso for one month assisting technical staff with repairs of medical equipment. During the summer of 2006 he volunteered for Unite for Sight in Patriensa, Ghana and raised over $4000 to fund eye surgeries through Unite for Sight. During that time he also volunteered in an eye clinic in Patriensa, screening patients for operable diseases and distributing donated eye glasses.


As a starting defenseman in each of his four years at Yale, Grimm has been named 2007 Honorable Mention All Ivy and Second Team All-New England.