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Tyler Pham



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At the United States Military Academy, the classroom is made up of three pillars to achieve leadership excellence: academic, physical and military. Tyler Pham excels across all pillars at the Academy and is recognized by not only his teammates, but by the academy’s leadership for his accomplishments. Academically, Pham boasts a 3.642 grade-point average and ranks in the top of his class at 165. For this feat, he dons the golden “wreath” on his military uniform as the Superintendent’s Award for Achievement to distinguish his top-20 percent ranking across all three pillars.

During his junior year, Pham was an Assistant S-4 for BEAST (freshmen basic training). He was essentially in command of regimental staff and was in charge of proper nutrition, lodging and supplies. This past summer, Pham was one cadet chosen for Cadet Leader Troop Training with the German Aviation Corps.


Notes from Head Coach Brian Riley: “Tyler Pham is the ultimate team player who possess outstanding qualities as a cadet, three-year team captain and forward. He earned respect from his teammates early as he was voted team captain after his freshman season. Pham always has time for his teammates and for those in the community that support the program. His determination to lead the Army hockey team to success is mirrored with his fortitude to thrive in the classroom. He has worked extremely hard on the ice to be a top contender in Atlantic Hockey, but more importantly has been determined to succeed in the classroom and now ranks in the top percentile of his class. Doing this while balancing the time it takes to be a competitive Division-I athlete is a representation of his character. It is very rare that we have someone come through our program as a three-year captain. This speaks volumes to Pham’s leadership ability and respect that he not only has from his teammates, but also the coaches.”


Cadets partake in many events that involve the community and exemplify selfless service. Each year, the Army hockey team, including Pham, host several “skate with the Black Knights” events where children from the community meet the team and are given tips on how to skate. The team interacts with the kids and inspires them in their athletic endeavors. Pham is also active with the team’s sled hockey partnership. The team plays on sleds with and against disabled athletes a few times a year. They also invite sled teams out to various hockey games at West Point and showcase their skills in a friendly game after the NCAA contests. Pham partakes in the Special Olympics meet that is hosted at West Point each year where he helps organize the heats for the track and field events to get the kids organized and ready to compete. This season, Pham and the Black Knights adopted Anthony through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation and have already made a positive impact on the young boy’s life.


As one of Army’s top point producers through the past three seasons, the Black Knights will continue to rely heavily on Pham. His freshman season, Pham was named the Atlantic Hockey Association Rookie of the Year and was also on the AHA All-Rookie Team. He has continued to excel as he leads the Black Knights’ scoring year after year. Pham was named the Army West Point team assistant captain during his sophomore and junior seasons, while being elevated to the team captain for his senior campaign. He led the squad with nine goals and 20 assists as a rookie, was second on the team as a sophomore with 23 points and fourth as a junior with 21 points, but he was first in assists with 16.