Seth Davis

Seth DavisSeth Davis is working his fifth year as a contributor for CBS Sports' coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. He serves as analyst on AT THE HALF, the Network's college basketball halftime show. Davis first gained the reputation as a college basketball expert as a writer for Sports Illustrated. He also has served as an analyst for CBS College Sports Network (CSTV) since 2004 and is regular contributor to, where he authors his popular "Hoop Thoughts" column. Seth Davis's book, When March Went Mad: Magic, Bird and the Game That Transformed Basketball, will be published by Times Books in March. You can pre-order it here.

College Seniors Achieve Success in Areas That Matter Most

January 26, 2009

Like the rest of American society, today’s basketball is driven by a culture of instant gratification, which is always searching for the answer to the question of, “What’s next?” In the land of hoop w… Continue Reading…
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