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Adam Wodon

Staying Put Pays Off

by Adam Wodon February 02, 2009 in Hockey,

It’s easy to question the loyalty of a student-athlete that decides to skip out after only a season or two, and take their chances on a lucrative pro deal.

But this age-old debate need not get bogged down in such simplicities. Only because athletes are under such a microscope do they hear these kinds of criticisms. Fact is, we are in a free society, where such opportunities should be taken advantage of when they can.

The bigger issue for the student-athlete is determining… Continue Reading Scott Bondy

One “C” Inspires All Other “C’s”

by Scott Bondy January 08, 2009 in Hockey,

Quite possibly more than any other major sport, hockey poses the biggest gap between the college and pro ranks. Fewer college standouts are drafted to the NHL than say the NBA, NFL or MLB.

When you have a game so distinctly separate from its professional counterpart, it’s easy to assume college hockey’s purity. Purity means playing for all the right reasons. Purity accounts for the respect for the game. Purity is what every sport, at any level, hopes to achieve.

Problem is,… Continue Reading

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