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Frank Lombardo

Parity for Players

by Frank Lombardo March 23, 2020 in Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse

Every young athlete dreams of lifting a trophy at the end of a championship game. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and determination to prepare themselves to have that opportunity. Only a few are able to fulfill that ultimate dream. The NCAA has made the responsible and correct decision to cancel all remaining winter and spring championships. It was, and still is, unprecedented territory for all of us. They were left with no other choice, as the health and safety of everyone involved… Continue Reading

Jill Lee

2017-18 Senior CLASS Award Highlights

by Jill Lee June 14, 2018 in Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse

Another year. Another 10 outstanding student-athletes honored as Senior CLASS Award winners. We love it! From fall to spring, the 2017-18 academic year gave us some incredibly memorable winners. So, to recap this season, we’d like to recount three of our internal highlights from this Senior CLASS Award year. Take a look! 1. Okay, let’s be honest here. Football winner Shaquem Griffin had one of the most amazing stories in all of sports this year, and we were thrilled to be able to honor… Continue Reading

Jill Lee

Senior CLASS Award Year in Review

by Jill Lee June 29, 2017 in Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse

Every spring when the academic year comes to a close, we get a chance to look back on the “year that was” in the world of the Senior CLASS Award (SCA). It’s always inspiring to remember the student-athletes who were honored and recall what they’d done to deserve the honor. This year was certainly one to remember for the SCA staff, as it featured several firsts in award history. We saw our first set of twins make it to the round of finalists when Minnesota volleyball stars Paige and… Continue Reading

Laurie Bollig

Lacrosse and softball winners shine brightly in children’s eyes

by Laurie Bollig June 02, 2014 in Lacrosse

Shortly after the Senior CLASS Award winner in lacrosse was announced, ESPN writer Dana O’Neill congratulated Princeton’s Tom Schreiber in a very public way via her Twitter feed: “keeping w lax tweets, belated congrats to @TomSchreiber26 on Senior CLASS award. Much deserved. Made a 10 yr old fan especially happy” Based on O’Neill’s status as a mother and a sportswriter, it’s not difficult to assume the 10-year-old is her child. Her congratulatory note about Schreiber, which went… Continue Reading

Connor Casey

Army lacrosse captain considered worth the risk

by Connor Casey June 06, 2013 in Lacrosse

Every professional sports team is taking a risk when they draft an athlete from a military academy. But in the case of Senior CLASS Award winner Brendan Buckley, one team decided the risk was worth it. With the 54th pick in the 2013 Major League Lacrosse Draft, the Boston Cannons selected Buckley, Army’s top-rated defenseman. Team vice president and general manager Kevin Barney talked about his thought process for Buckley. “It is always a risk in selecting a military guy as to where… Continue Reading

Geoff Shannon

Six Seconds and A Lifetime for Lowe’s Senior Class Award Winner C.J. Costabile

by Geoff Shannon May 28, 2012 in Lacrosse

Six seconds can change a life. Duke’s C.J. Costabile knows this. Six seconds and the 2012 Lowe’s Senior Class recipient went from a known lacrosse talent to the creator of one of the greatest lacrosse moments in the history of the modern game. By all available indicators Costabile has established a decorated career in men’s lacrosse. To wit: He’s been named a four-time USILA All-American and this year was the recipient of the 2012 Lt. Donald McLaughlin, Jr. Award as the nation’s most… Continue Reading

Geoff Shannon

Men’s Lacrosse: Looking beyond the numbers behind this year’s Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award candidates

by Geoff Shannon March 07, 2012 in Lacrosse

We’re a true ‘Money Ball’ society now, aren’t we? The number crunching revolution, exemplified by author Michael Lewis’ aforementioned book about the deep-level statistical analysis used to keep the early-2000s Oakland Athletics baseball team competitive (Brad Pitt just starred in the movie version, but you knew that), has fixed itself into every last crevasse of the sports world. Lacrosse is no exception. Any extended analysis of the Fastest Game on Two Feet, and it’s stars, must… Continue Reading

Geoff Shannon

Balancing the “student-athlete” equation is a matter of philosophy

by Geoff Shannon May 31, 2011 in Lacrosse

Socrates. Plato. Aristotle. Karalunas? Philosophy majors are a rare breed in lacrosse, a sport that usually funnels players into lucrative careers on Wall Street or Madison Avenue. So, when peering over Villanova Wildcats’ Brian Karalunas’ resume, his collegiate major, so often tied to the image of tweedy professors with leather-patched corduroy jackets, definitely stands out. “It wasn’t my intention to be a philosophy major,” Karalunas says, laughing a bit. “I stumbled into it,… Continue Reading

Patrick Stevens

Serve. Lead. Influence. The message the Catalino brothers will use to give back to community

by Patrick Stevens May 09, 2011 in Lacrosse

As Maryland attackman Grant Catalino rode home to Webster, N.Y., last winter with his brother Michael, the two considered just how they could help pass on their appreciation of lacrosse and the opportunities it provided to others in their hometown and the rest of the Rochester area. Soon, the brothers took a common idea and gave it their own twist—- a lacrosse camp about more than simply lacrosse. And so the concept of Harvest Lacrosse was born. Michael Catalino, who helped Duke win a… Continue Reading

Clare Lochary

A trip to Africa gives Ryan Flanagan a new global perspective

by Clare Lochary March 07, 2011 in Lacrosse

Most people look up to Ryan Flanagan. They kinda have to. He’s 6-6. “If you’re physically bigger than someone, they’re going to look up to you. It’s human nature. Standing out can be a strength,” said Flanagan, a senior defenseman for the nationally ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. Being a leader is important to Ryan Flanagan. On the field, it comes naturally to him. The senior is a first-team All-American and the current co-winner of the Schmeisser Memorial Cup, an award… Continue Reading

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