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Geoff Shannon

What Makes an Ideal Lowe’s Senior CLASS Candidate? Let’s Look to the Past

by Geoff Shannon April 21, 2009 in Lacrosse

Lacrosse, for a variety of circumstances, sits at the lower end of the totem pole among collegiate sports. This, arguably, is a great position for the sport to find itself in. Lax enthusiasts have been able to follow the careers of this year’s candidates from the first moment they stepped on their respective campuses through this season. Every groundball scooped, every goal scored, every defensive turnover forced and every goal saved has been savored, all pieces of wonderful four-year… Continue Reading

Bob Vlahakis

An Opportunity for College Sports to Seize the Day

by Bob Vlahakis February 24, 2009 in Lacrosse

In these troubled economic times,  with scandals on Wall Street and substance abuse once again rearing its ugly head in major league baseball, Americans are yearning for some pure, honest, loyal heroes to emerge. There is an opportunity for college sports to seize the day.  Sparked by President Obama’s call for young Americans to come forward and give of themselves, the playing field is wide open for senior student-athletes in collegiate sports to step up to this challenge across the… Continue Reading

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