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Dave Armstrong

Senior Student-Athletes Should Be Hailed for Finishing What They Started

by Dave Armstrong February 06, 2009 in Men's Basketball

When exactly did we come to the place in collegiate sports where we had to, in some small fashion, defend senior student-athletes? It seems around every corner someone has to explain the value of a college degree… argue in favor of players staying for four or five years to complete both their eligibility and education. I wholeheartedly agree with Seth Davis when he writes, “he has figured out that the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.”  I guess I don’t know… Continue Reading

Seth Davis

College Seniors Achieve Success in Areas That Matter Most

by Seth Davis January 26, 2009 in Men's Basketball

Like the rest of American society, today’s basketball is driven by a culture of instant gratification, which is always searching for the answer to the question of, “What’s next?” In the land of hoop we’re fixated on rising ninth graders, incoming college freshmen and the speculation over which undergraduates will leave school and be first-round draft picks in next year’s NBA draft. Against this backdrop, the act of becoming a college senior is, in the view of some, an admission of failure. You… Continue Reading

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