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Debbie Antonelli

Nebraska’s Kelsey Griffin making a statement on and off the court

by Debbie Antonelli February 01, 2010 in Women's Basketball

Kelsey Griffin’s versatility on the basketball floor defies a position.  The 6-2 senior for the University of Nebraska just plays. . . all facets of the game.  Kelsey’s an All-American candidate for the top-10 ranked Huskers, which has emerged as one of the best teams and best stories in all of college basketball this season.  Kelsey is a “sure thing,” playing the game she loves and a “can’t miss” when it comes to the future. It’s hard to predict championship and leadership… Continue Reading

Mel Greenberg

Balancing the 4 C’s

by Mel Greenberg March 10, 2009 in Women's Basketball

When the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award was created in the 2001-02 season, it was more suited for collegiate men’s basketball than women’s basketball. Male players were leaving schools at a growing rate to pursue their NBA dream and the envisioned windfall of dollars that come with signing pro contracts. The women, on the other hand, had no reason to depart before receiving their diplomas.  In fact, it was the diplomas themselves that were their real pro contracts despite the rise of the… Continue Reading

Stacey Dales

The Extraordinary Senior Leader

by Stacey Dales February 13, 2009 in Women's Basketball

Four years later.  For some, like it was for me, five and feeling ancient, even though at times, still just a baby.  You’re a senior in college, and a great one at that.  Why are you great?  You’re great because you’ve got that special something.  You’ve become the one that others looks up to when they need guidance, and the one they look down on when things don’t go as planned.  You’ve earned that responsibility.  Get used to it—you should have by now.  You, are a senior in… Continue Reading

Mechelle Voepel


by Mechelle Voepel January 17, 2009 in Women's Basketball

There’s a difference between just being a senior and actually acting like one. Part of the role of a truly successful senior is understanding that things you do can impact your program even after you’re gone. That’s a less talked about but important element of leadership – what you do today may affect someone tomorrow.  A good example is 2007 Senior CLASS Award finalist Katie Gearlds of Purdue’s women’s basketball program. In her final season with the Boilermakers, Gearlds had the… Continue Reading

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