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Nolan Nicholas

University of Alaska Anchorage
Nolan Nicholas Winner


As a justice major with a minor in legal studies, Nolan has excelled in the classroom as a student-athlete. His 3.84 cumulative GPA has earned him numerous academic honors. He is a three time recipient of the WCHA All-Academic team while also earning honors with GNAC, the University of Alaska-Anchorages Division II conference. He has been a model for our underclassman in how to handle the rigors of being a Division I athlete while maintaining high academic performance, especially doing it under the conditions as a student-athlete in Alaska (given the travel). He regularly spends time to work with and tutor members of his team, especially while on the road and is often visible during team mandated study halls despite his stellar academic performance. With his work ethic and high standards set by himself, there is no secret to success in the classroom other than his diligence being the best it can be.


The ultimate leader, Nicholas will serve as our team captain this season after spending the previous two as an assistant captain.  As a young man of great integrity, Nolan lives up to this honor in how he conducts himself in his everyday life. He is the first one on the ice and the last in the weight room. He is the first one to help our staff unload the bus and the last to make sure the locker room is cleaned up. He represents himself, his team, his university and family with high standards. He is a well-rounded ambassador to those mentioned above. There are few individuals that you come across in sports that encompass the compassion, work ethic, and moral veracity that a person like Nolan possesses and even fewer thst have the talent and ability to do it at an elite level. In short, when coaches are looking to define character within their team, Nolan Nicholas embodies that definition. He is an exceptional young man and one that we, as a program and university, feel privileged in having with us.


Serving in a variety of roles both on and off campus, Nolan has an impressive record in regards to community outreach projects. On campus, he serves an officer of SAAC, helping coordinate with other members on the well-being of fellow student-athletes. He was cast in a leadership outreach role, serving as an ambassador for the University of Alaska-Anchorage and acting as representative for the Athletics Expedited Review Committee. In his role, Nolan spoke on behalf of his fellow student-athletes and the diversity that they bring to the University of Alaska. Off campus, Nolan has participated in many volunteer events in conjunction with UAA hockey including numerous school events, youth hockey activities, and various other community outreach affairs. As one of the faces for the program, Nolan’s volunteerism gives recognition to both the hockey program and the university to the type of individuals that are a part of the UAA community. In doing so, he has become a fan favorite among our young fans, helping them achieve their goals as both a role model and volunteer.


An outstanding competitor both on and off the ice, Nolan excels with his grit and competitive spirit. On the ice, he played in 33 of 34 games during the 2018-19 season, being a regular contributor on the penalty kill as well as pairing up with opponent’s top lines. He is a constant presence in practice and continues to push the limits of competition throughout the year, acting as the driving force for our team. His off ice competitiveness is not to be overlooked. Nolan was a National Strength and Conditioning Association All-American in 2018-19 and has continued this standard into his senior year. Even though he works extremely hard in the weight room, it is his competitive nature that pushes his teammates to be better. He raises their standards of performance to what they believe possible. He embodies the ultimate competitor mentality.