Randy Rosetta

Randy RosettaRandy Rosetta is the LSU beat writer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

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Klein’s heart for helping others fits in perfectly at Kansas State

October 26, 2012

If he had his druthers, Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein would be just a small part of the mosaic of a great team. Just another piece of the beautiful machinery that makes a talented team click a… Continue Reading…

What defines Nola is what he does when no one is watching

May 11, 2012

Where Austin Nola wound up as a college baseball player wasn’t by accident. In fact, it’s hard for him or anybody who has known him a while to imagine LSU’s senior shortstop anywhere but in th… Continue Reading…

Belmont’s Mick Hedgepeth uses what he loves - basketball - to teach kids about faith and life

February 17, 2012

Unless the Belmont University basketball team takes a spin as Cinderella in the 2012 NCAA Tournament – and nobody connected to the Bruins is ready to cross that off their to-do list – the likeliho… Continue Reading…

Frazier Hall put baseball dream on hold to help his older brother chase another dream

May 23, 2011

Like any other kid who picked up a baseball or a glove when he had barely mastered the art of walking, Frazier Hall had a full set of dreams lying in front of him. Those aspirations grew and develop… Continue Reading…
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