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Jess Myers

Connolly brothers bring hard work and hardware to hometown Duluth

by Jess Myers April 23, 2012 in Hockey,

For some, sports are about competition, fitness, the thrill of victory, and those moments where you put everything you have to give on the line.

Jack Connolly has always taken a bit of a different approach to sports – hockey, in particular. For the 2012 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award winner, heading to the rink to chase a puck up and down a sheet of ice was always about family and community.

As a kid growing up in Duluth, Minn., Jack and his older brother Chris became the first generation… Continue Reading Roman Augustoviz

Connolly calls it “puck luck” but Minnesota Duluth’s star has skills

by Roman Augustoviz January 23, 2012 in Hockey,

Minnesota Duluth coach Scott Sandelin looked past Jack Connolly’s size when he recruited the hometown center. He was playing for a small private school nearby.

“[Jack] had skills, a head for the game,” Sandelin said. “I thought he could be a player for us for four years and I hoped we could build around him.”

Five years later, Connolly, who spent one season in the USHL, is a senior at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He is still only 5-8, 170, but Sandelin’s hopes… Continue Reading Jess Myers

Hockey award winner Lamoureux puts the wraps on a “storybook career”

by Jess Myers April 26, 2011 in Hockey,

In a perfect storybook world, Jacques Lamoureux would’ve spent sunny summer afternoons in his family’s backyard in North Dakota, watching the jets and bombers from the nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base fly overhead. He would’ve dreamed from a young age of using his skills as an athlete and an airman. And he would’ve skated from the pancake-flat prairie directly to the foot of the jagged Rocky Mountains to play for the Falcons at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

But life, as we know,… Continue Reading Roman Augustoviz

Hockey star Chase Polacek plays big despite his early critics

by Roman Augustoviz February 14, 2011 in Hockey,

Throughout his youth hockey career and into high school, Chase Polacek kept hearing that he was too small, that he would never succeed at the next level of hockey.

He never made an A team in any age group his first year of eligibility. He always had to wait a year. Even in his one season immediately before high school, Polacek was placed on a B team.

Polacek’s last rebuff came before his senior season at the Academy of Holy Angels, a Catholic prep power in Richfield, Minn. … Continue Reading Jess Myers

The fog of injury has lifted for North Dakota’s Chay Genoway

by Jess Myers January 27, 2011 in Hockey,

Ice hockey, especially at the college level, is a game played with the hands and the legs and the body. But mostly, it’s a game played with the head.

The lightning-fast on-ice action requires the reflexes of a cat, and the ability to think fluidly, and make decisions that can change the nature of a game in seconds, and mean the difference between winning and losing.

So what is a student-athlete to do when the doctors tell a thinking man’s hockey player to stop playing hockey,… Continue Reading Tim Rosenthal

Hockey winner Greening approaches leadership role with business in mind

by Tim Rosenthal April 19, 2010 in Hockey,

As a co-captain of the Big Red with Michael Kennedy his junior year in 2008-09, Cornell University forward Colin Greening couldn’t have asked for a better transition from his junior year to his senior year in 2009-10 both on and off the ice. And to cap off his senior season, Greening is the recipient of the 2010 Lowe’s Senior Class award.

“The only real transition was from last year’s class to this year’s class both on the ice and off,” Greening said. “Mike had a very similar… Continue Reading Matt Caracappa

Fatherhood doesn’t deter hockey star from his duties on ice and in classroom

by Matt Caracappa March 08, 2010 in Hockey,

As the Quinnipiac University men’s ice hockey team prepared for its regular-season opener against Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, last October, one of its star players was noticeably absent. It wasn’t because of an injury or anything on the ice. Senior captain Jean-Marc Beaudoin simply had a more important place to be – at home, with his wife, Candace, for the birth of the couple’s son, Roderick.

If one would think that the new addition to the Beaudoin family would affect the new… Continue Reading Roman Augustoviz

St. Cloud State hockey standout has waited patiently for his turn

by Roman Augustoviz February 22, 2010 in Hockey,

Bob Motzko was in his first season as head hockey coach at St. Cloud State University when he recruited Garrett Raboin. “We wanted to add some depth and we told him to trust us,” Motzko said.

Raboin did, joining the Huskies as a walk-on paying his own way. He was undersized for a college defenseman even at 5-11, 175 pounds, which he is listed at, but he wanted a chance.

He was 21 then, finishing his third season with the Lincoln (Neb.) Stars of the U.S. Hockey League.… Continue Reading Jess Myers

Hockey leaders from different coasts “meet in the middle” for success

by Jess Myers February 08, 2010 in Hockey,

Along a stretch of Interstate 25, in the region of Colorado known as the Front Range, two of college hockey’s most electrifying players toil less than 60 miles apart. What’s most notable about that distance is that the University of Denver’s Rhett Rakhshani and the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Matt Fairchild could hardly hail from father apart, but they’ve “met in the middle” so to speak.

Rakhshani hails from the seaside Los Angeles suburb of Huntington Beach, while Fairchild… Continue Reading Elliot Olshansky

Four C’s or One?

by Elliot Olshansky March 17, 2009 in Hockey,

The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award is presented to a player who makes achievements in four C’s – classroom, character, community and competition – but in the end, it all comes down to just one.

Certainly, we want our student athletes to reach their potential in the classroom, excel in competition, and be active in the community. However, for the college athlete, it is strength of character that serves as a driving force behind the other three C’s.

It doesn’t always… Continue Reading

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