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Aaron Fitt

Intangibles make Bibona hard to resist

by Aaron Fitt June 27, 2010 in Baseball

UC Irvine coach Mike Gillespie has gotten to know countless players in nearly 40 years as a college baseball coach. It’s safe to say Daniel Bibona ranks up there with his favorites. “I’m a huge fan of his,” Gillespie said. “Anybody that’s around him or really watches him, it’s impossible to not like him. There’s nothing not to like.” That goes for fans, coaches, teammates and media—it’s simply impossible not to like Bibona. Both on the field and off, Irvine’s ace lefthander has… Continue Reading

Daniel Bibona passed up the pros for another shot at Omaha

by Kendall Rogers May 31, 2010 in Baseball

Danny Bibona’s college baseball career is proof that dreams come true. When Bibona signed on to join former coach Dave Serrano and the Anteaters before the 2007 season, he wasn’t really sure what to expect. The Anteaters had a solid program but weren’t the juggernaut they are today. Signing with the Anteaters was a risk, but it was one Bibona was willing to take. Three years later, Bibona couldn’t see himself with another program. As with former stars Scott Gorgen, Ben Orloff, Cody Cipriano… Continue Reading

Eric Sorenson

Towarnicky has his sights set on assisting poverty-striken areas after graduation

by Eric Sorenson May 03, 2010 in Baseball

You know those university promos where a school will boast about how its students go out and make a difference in the world? Well Appalachian State’s David Towarnicky is a prime example of that mantra. In fact, if ASU doesn’t come out with a television spot or a website promo with David as their centerpiece, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It’s not as if being a team leader while playing first base, hitting .300-plus in three of his four seasons and never committing more than five… Continue Reading

Carl Dubois

Seniors and Their Experience Can Be a Team’s Glue

by Carl Dubois May 24, 2009 in Baseball

Because of its developmental nature, baseball might have more nomadic athletes than any other college sport. A player can sign with a Division I program as a high school senior, elect to transfer to a junior college for more playing time, return to Division I at a different school and move on to professional ball before becoming a senior. Not every fan likes to see a roster loaded with seniors. The assumption is a player worth having will probably sign a minor-league contract as a junior and… Continue Reading

Mark Etheridge

Bringing Baseball Back

by Mark Etheridge March 13, 2009 in Baseball

Baseball used to be America’s pastime. With the right ambassadors, it can be again. Major League Baseball has soiled what once was a good name with steroid scandals, outrageous payrolls, and a disconnection with a section of the fan base.  The “me-first” mentality has caused some fans to look elsewhere for their baseball fix. Judging by record attendance in the college game, many fans are finding amateur play to their liking.  Many of the knocks found in the professional game are… Continue Reading

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