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Eric Anderson

Ministers’ sons make great goalkeepers and community servants

by Eric Anderson September 27, 2010 in Men's Soccer

On the soccer field, goalkeepers are the last line of defense. But most any student of the game will confirm that the best keepers are leaders. “I would agree with that,” UC Santa Barbara keeper Sam Hayden said. “We’re the quarterback on the field, so to say. We’re in the back and we can see everything that’s going on in front of us. We have to direct our players, let them know where people are at, where runners are coming through, what to do next ... I would say that we’re natural leaders. I… Continue Reading

Maria Burns Ortiz

Peterson and Yeisley represent “all the good kids” in winning the Senior CLASS Award

by Maria Burns Ortiz December 14, 2009 in Men's Soccer, Men's Soccer

The student athletes who least expect recognition often deserve it most. They are the ones who excel in the classroom and at athletics. The ones who give up their free time to volunteer in their communities. The ones teammates look to for leadership. The ones who stay positive in the face of adversity – whether it’s on the playing field or in life. Such is a fitting description for Texas A&M’s Emily Peterson and Penn State’s Jason Yeisley, the 2009 recipients of the Lowe’s Senior… Continue Reading

Michael Lewis

Juvenile diabetes hasn’t slowed men’s and women’s soccer standouts

by Michael Lewis September 21, 2009 in Men's Soccer, Men's Soccer

It is difficult enough to be a successful student-athlete these days. Add a disease such as diabetes and the challenge becomes even greater. Two college soccer players have managed not only to survive, but have thrived on every front. That’s a big reason why University of North Carolina-Greensboro defender Lauren Lopez and George Mason midfielder Richard Edgar are candidates for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award. They don’t feel sorry for themselves one bit. They go out and live life to the… Continue Reading

Maria Burns Ortiz

Life is Measured by Goals Achieved, Not Goals Scored

by Maria Burns Ortiz November 21, 2008 in Men's Soccer

Maybe I’m old school – although, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not sure if I’m actually old enough to be that old school – but I come from the school of thought where the idea of going to college is to graduate from college. That’s why it irks me when I write a piece on a college player who has the potential to become a professional and get the response, “If he’s good enough to go pro, why on earth is he wasting his time going to college?” It’s argued whether… Continue Reading

Michael Lewis

Classroom, the Most Important “C”

by Michael Lewis November 15, 2008 in Men's Soccer

There is little doubt that the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award has several important criteria, which includes classroom work, community involvement and of course, competition. None should be taken lightly and all should be given proper consideration by the committee when selecting this year’s winners in various sports in the men’s and women’s categories. Saying that, this writer puts one of the criteria—classroom—slightly above the rest. Every nominee or candidate is an excellent athlete and… Continue Reading

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