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Drew Frederic

Short Stop
Drew Frederic


In the Fall of 2019, Frederic graduated with a 3.2 GPA. He earned his degree in economics.

He is nearing completion of his Master of Business Administration.


Frederic has an infectious personality and is always drawing people to him. He displays a work ethic on and off the field for all of the players in the program. Frederic sets the right example for all of the young players.

He has set the bar for future players with the way he carries himself in the classroom and on the field.


Since arriving at Troy six years ago, Frederic has been active in the community. He has enjoyed participating in the Miracle League games and playing for those who aren’t able to.

Frederic also volunteered at the local Boys and Girls home, helping kids with their homework and reading at local elementary schools.


Frederic has garnered numerous awards during his career, including All-Sun Belt honors, 2019 ABCA All-Region Team, and Athens Regional All-Tournament Team. He was recently awarded the All Sports Association Collegiate Award, a very prestigious award in the Florida Panhandle.

Frederic will own several school records by the end of his career. He ranks inside the top 10 of 12 different categories of the school record book.