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Ryan Conrad

University of Virginia


Ryan Conrad earned a spot in UVA’s prestigious McIntire School of Commerce. He was the vice president of SACH (Student-Athletes Committed to Honor) as a second- and third-year student, and this year he is the co-president. He is on track to graduate in May.


Conrad is eager to learn, to push himself and to be a great teammate. Conrad builds truly meaningful relationships with others due to a straight-forward yet friendly approach as he looks people straight in the eye and both listens and shares. He is a sponge, absorbing words and messages. Such attributes allow Conrad to be truly others-focused, and his actions demonstrate this. He is the rare person to have earned a leadership position as a third-year, and he is currently providing fantastic guidance as a fourth-year. Conrad gained acceptance into the highly competitive McIntire School of Commerce through sheer determination and grit with his courses. He does not back down from challenges, as further evidenced with his recent torn ACL. Conrad is now back to 100 percent, if not stronger, due to his relentless approach to the rehabilitation process.


Conrad has been an integral member with Virginia’s community outreach efforts, including the Special Olympics 10k run and the Will Barrow (’08) Memorial Flag Football Tournament, the largest fundraiser for the University of Virginia Suicide Hotline. He spearheaded the Salvation Army service in December. A fraternity member, Conrad has also served as a Student Athlete Mentor (SAM), the primary substance abuse prevention program in the athletics department. With SAAC, he has helped run a clothing drive for the Salvation Army and started a relationship with Martha Jefferson House to begin a program that pairs elderly residents with UVA student-athletes. He also organized Salvation Army bell-ringing for UVA lacrosse and SACHLS.


Conrad was a third-team USILA All-American and All-ACC performer in 2017 when he led UVA with 63 ground balls, the most in the nation by a non-defensive player or faceoff sepcialist in 2017. A first-team preseason All-American entering 2018, Conrad tore his ACL in the fifth game of the season. At the time he had four goals, three assists and 23 ground balls in just a little over four games. He is a preseason All-American again in 2019.