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ShanQuan Hemphill



Hemphill is well respected in the classroom. Even in his short time at Drake, his professors have complimented the work he does and the organization he demonstrates.

Hemphill, who carries a 3.25 GPA in his graduate communications program, shows that he is a model student-athlete. He is known for having his work done on time and producing quality over quantity.


Hemphill is a constant source of leadership and humility within the program. He is academically focused, goal-oriented, and a great motivator of himself and his teammates.

Even as Hemphill is incredibly self-sufficient and organized, he has the wisdom to seek help and counsel from his teammates when needed. His uncompromising work ethic has allowed him to recover from two serious injuries in his career and become an even better player and leader.


In his time at Drake, Hemphill has volunteered at various youth basketball camps. He was one of the few players to help the local youth at a free clinic this summer.

Hemphill is always willing to talk with fans after games and with alumni, win or lose.


Last season, Hemphill was named the 2020-21 MVC Newcomer of the Year during his first season with Drake. He averaged 13.2 points and 5.9 rebounds were game while shooting 58% from the field.

He is someone the Bulldogs can count on - both offensively and defensively.