Blankenship fits the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award mold to a T

by Clare Lochary December 27, 2010 in Volleyball

There aren’t many Ellie Blankenships in the world. More’s the pity.

Blankenship, a senior libero from the University of Northern Iowa, is the inaugural Lowe’s Senior CLASS award winner for volleyball. Her performance on the court, in the classroom and in the community has made her a figure of respect in volleyball-crazy Cedar Falls, where the Panthers attract an average of more than 2,000 fans per game.

“Volleyball’s very popular in Iowa. We have so much respect for volleyball… Continue Reading

Collegiate goals accomplished…soccer winners move on to compete in other arenas

by Michael Lewis December 13, 2010 in Men’s Soccer

It should not be surprising that North Carolina midfielder Ali Hawkins and Akron midfielder Anthony Ampaipitakwong earned the women’s and men’s honors for the 2010 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award.

After all, it has never about them. It has always been about someone or something else.

Their reaction to winning the awards said it all.

“It’s an honor,”  Ampaipitakwong said. “I take it as a team award. My team helped me… Continue Reading

Circle of success helps make Malcolm Delaney a winner

by Ken Davis December 06, 2010 in Men’s Basketball

Talk to Virginia Tech guard Malcolm Delaney for just a few minutes and it becomes obvious he’s not just another tough guy on the basketball court. There’s much more to him than that.

Delaney is all business, without any frills. You might say he conducts his life like a CEO, running a corporation built for success. And even though he often feels overlooked as a player, Delaney has always known what he wants, and how to get there.

Maybe that’s why he has a reputation as the most… Continue Reading