Frank Lombardo

Parity for Players

by Frank Lombardo March 23, 2020 in Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball


Every young athlete dreams of lifting a trophy at the end of a championship game. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and determination to prepare themselves to have that opportunity. Only a few are able to fulfill that ultimate dream.

The NCAA has made the responsible and correct decision to cancel all remaining winter and spring championships. It was, and still is, unprecedented territory for all of us. They were left with no other choice, as the health and safety of everyone involved became the highest priority. This is a time that calls for drastic measures, however unfortunate or brash they may seem. It was not a decision that they wanted to make. The situation we find ourselves in is fluid and constantly changing. There was no ability to make a decision foreseeing the future. The student-athletes deserved an open, honest, and quick answer.

Like everyone else, our immediate reaction was to sympathize with those who may have missed out on the opportunity to reach their dreams. Even though there are only a few who win, the chance to compete for such an honor is a unique thrill of its own.

It was announced shortly after that the NCAA would grant all spring sport athletes an extra year of eligibility, if they so choose to use it. It is the right decision, and it will give all of these student-athletes another chance, especially the seniors who would have otherwise seen their collegiate careers some to an abrupt closure. They will be given parity, just a small token of gratitude and appreciation for the journeys that they have gone through to get to this point.

We go through our entire high school career anxiously waiting for the day we get to wear a toga or have the largest section at Spirit Week. We go through our entire collegiate career waiting to walk through our graduation ceremony or have our names called on Senior Day. There is a great sense of pride and fulfillment that we get having reached that critical point in our lives.

It takes us so long to choose our college because of how important it becomes. We are choosing a school to attend, but we are also choosing a second home. Having this home taken away in the blink of an eye is something that shouldn’t be taken away from anyone. It is important to note that this is not a punishment or a consequence, nor something someone would have willingly chose to do. It is a necessary measure taken so that we may continue on with our lives as soon as possible.

We sympathize for all of the student-athletes of both winter and spring sports who were impacted by this recent healthcare crises, and we thank them for all they have done during their time on campus to date.

In response to the situation that has unfolded and the decisions made, the Senior CLASS Award will not be facilitating the award for NCAA spring sports in 2020. Our process for baseball, softball, and men’s lacrosse will resume next season with the hope that this year’s seniors will be returning for their final season of eligibility in 2021.