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Matt Gasper

Nominations for Seniors in 2020-21 Will Proceed

by Matt Gasper December 07, 2020 in Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

As the Senior CLASS Award continues to evolve and maneuver through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has always been our goal to recognize and honor the well-deserving senior student-athletes who represent their prestigious universities during the 2020-21 academic school year. Nominations for the various Senior CLASS Award sports are beginning to open up and we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify how the award process will be conducted during this ever-changing time and address a frequently… Continue Reading

Gary Heise

We’re Honoring Seniors in 2020-21 - Just on a Revised Timeline

by Gary Heise October 16, 2020 in Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

The Senior CLASS Award has proudly honored the nation’s top senior student-athletes for 18 years. We’ve presented awards to many amazing young stars, some of which have gone on to professional sports careers and others who have been just as successful pursuing other paths in life. The award launched in 2002 with the inspiring story of Shane Battier, the urging of the late, great Dick Enberg and a group of executives who moved forward with the idea. It has grown immensely into an ever-popular… Continue Reading

Frank Lombardo

Parity for Players

by Frank Lombardo March 23, 2020 in Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Every young athlete dreams of lifting a trophy at the end of a championship game. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and determination to prepare themselves to have that opportunity. Only a few are able to fulfill that ultimate dream. The NCAA has made the responsible and correct decision to cancel all remaining winter and spring championships. It was, and still is, unprecedented territory for all of us. They were left with no other choice, as the health and safety of everyone involved… Continue Reading

Jill Lee

2017-18 Senior CLASS Award Highlights

by Jill Lee June 14, 2018 in Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Another year. Another 10 outstanding student-athletes honored as Senior CLASS Award winners. We love it! From fall to spring, the 2017-18 academic year gave us some incredibly memorable winners. So, to recap this season, we’d like to recount three of our internal highlights from this Senior CLASS Award year. Take a look! 1. Okay, let’s be honest here. Football winner Shaquem Griffin had one of the most amazing stories in all of sports this year, and we were thrilled to be able to honor… Continue Reading

Jill Lee

Senior CLASS Award Year in Review

by Jill Lee June 29, 2017 in Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Every spring when the academic year comes to a close, we get a chance to look back on the “year that was” in the world of the Senior CLASS Award (SCA). It’s always inspiring to remember the student-athletes who were honored and recall what they’d done to deserve the honor. This year was certainly one to remember for the SCA staff, as it featured several firsts in award history. We saw our first set of twins make it to the round of finalists when Minnesota volleyball stars Paige and… Continue Reading

Brian Taylor

Hockey Candidates Share Common Link

by Brian Taylor February 15, 2016 in Hockey

Every season the Senior CLASS Award honors the commitment and success of those student-athletes who are on track to graduate and have exhausted all of their athletic eligibility. However, getting a glimpse of these athletes before their collegiate careers even begin does not happen often. It is even more rare to see the paths of multiple SCA candidates cross before they ever step foot on a college campus. On the border of South Dakota and Iowa lies a town by the name of Sioux City. Home of the… Continue Reading

Laurie Bollig

Time management not a problem for hockey winner Cheyne Rocha

by Laurie Bollig April 22, 2013 in Hockey

Cheyne Rocha is a master of time management. Somehow, this extremely bright overachiever has recorded outstanding grades, fashioned a solid collegiate hockey career, scored an interview for the Rhodes Scholarship and introduced a charity to both his school and its hockey conference. It should be mentioned that he’s doing all this as a member of the United States Military Academy, where discipline heads a list of characteristics of the student body in general. An engineering management… Continue Reading

Jess Myers

Connolly brothers bring hard work and hardware to hometown Duluth

by Jess Myers April 23, 2012 in Hockey

For some, sports are about competition, fitness, the thrill of victory, and those moments where you put everything you have to give on the line. Jack Connolly has always taken a bit of a different approach to sports – hockey, in particular. For the 2012 Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award winner, heading to the rink to chase a puck up and down a sheet of ice was always about family and community. As a kid growing up in Duluth, Minn., Jack and his older brother Chris became the first generation of… Continue Reading

Roman Augustoviz

Connolly calls it “puck luck” but Minnesota Duluth’s star has skills

by Roman Augustoviz January 23, 2012 in Hockey

Minnesota Duluth coach Scott Sandelin looked past Jack Connolly’s size when he recruited the hometown center. He was playing for a small private school nearby. “[Jack] had skills, a head for the game,” Sandelin said. “I thought he could be a player for us for four years and I hoped we could build around him.” Five years later, Connolly, who spent one season in the USHL, is a senior at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He is still only 5-8, 170, but Sandelin’s hopes have turned… Continue Reading

Jess Myers

Hockey award winner Lamoureux puts the wraps on a “storybook career”

by Jess Myers April 26, 2011 in Hockey

In a perfect storybook world, Jacques Lamoureux would’ve spent sunny summer afternoons in his family’s backyard in North Dakota, watching the jets and bombers from the nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base fly overhead. He would’ve dreamed from a young age of using his skills as an athlete and an airman. And he would’ve skated from the pancake-flat prairie directly to the foot of the jagged Rocky Mountains to play for the Falcons at the U.S. Air Force Academy. But life, as we know, has a… Continue Reading

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